A wedding touch up for Jaison Hashey

A wedding touch up for Jaison Hashey

A June Wedding!

The big day was planned for June and Jaison was going to be a groomsman in the wedding. You know that there are going to be a TON of photos and videos taken. Jaison knew that his smile was going to be photographed for all eternity and he felt that he needed a smile touch up.

Project completed! Jaison now has his great, winning smile and is ready for all the photos.

Are you a groom in need of a smile makeover for an upcoming wedding? Or maybe a bride who needs a last minute cleaning? It’s wedding season in Maine, and Seasons of Smiles is dedicated to giving you your perfect smile for you, your friend or family member’s big day.

And to those who are getting hitched soon, Congratulations from your Seasons of Smiles dental team. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and smiles!



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