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  1. As a patient suffering from Osteo. Arthritis and taking an NSAD ‘ celebrex at 300 mg / day I started using ‘ Tylenol for Arthritis ‘ this summer to help relieve pain symptoms for a torn rotator for which I will receive surgery in 2 weeks . I previously had postponed the procedure from may 7 th. of this year I hopes of enjoying the summer months and a little golfing and boating . About 5- 6 weeks ago I was having more pain and took the max. dosage for a couple of days only and started to develop a bod case of ‘ hives ‘ . I did some self testing and after ‘ trial & error ‘ and Googleing ” Tylenol ” web site was surprised to see a warning for side effects and possibly more for people with ‘ liver ‘ problems . I have always had higher than normal liver enzyme levels and brought this to the attention of my doctor who didn’t seem too concerned . In the meantime I developed a serious issue with ear infections and have been treated by a specialist using ‘ locacorten ‘ drops and having the specialist vacuum out the infection twice over the past month . Are these issues connected in some way to the ‘ Tylenol ‘ ? Will be reviewing this Tylenol issue with my doctor this week on my next visit .
    After listening to the podcast # 505 I am convinced that I am one of the lucky ones who have avoided death due to liver damage and am probably a person who has a low tolerance for low dosage of ” acetaminophen ” Thanks for the Warning and Clarification .
    Sincerely , David Nickerson

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