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  2. Pingback: SoS Dental's most read posts of 2016 • Seasons of Smiles Dental - Arthur Norman Medina DDS

  3. Hello…enjoyed your post. I was with YWAM for many years and know the joys of going on mission adventures. Want an easier trip? Come to Saint Augustine, Florida, for a getaway time and volunteer at our Dental Clinic, Wildflower. We’ve been going since 2010, served nearly 10,000 patients, for free, and always appreciate extra help. We have our own hygienists and assistants on staff that work with our local volunteering dentists. Contact me for more info…bob, 071449@gmail.com

  4. Dear Norman, this morning I came across your article in our Wiscasset digital paper about your mission trip to Panama.
    Thank you so much for writing it and honestly sharing your experiences, thoughts and feelings. It was great seeing all the photos of all the family and your work. What a huge gift you gave to all those Panamanians! WoW ! God bless you,
    Margot Stiassni

    • Hello Margot, this is Kami. I hope your french teaching is going well! Thanks for leaving a comment on my dad’s website, it was a great trip. We’d love to have you join us on one sometime! Happy Holidays,
      Kami Medina

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