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Phytic acid and teeth — 4 Comments

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  3. Good day Dr. Medina:

    I enjoyed your article on phytic acid. I have always felt the way to health is a
    clean life. I am a hospital pharmacist, and see on a daily basis how bad eating
    and living habits impact peoples’ lives. Like you said, try getting people to “change
    their vote” is not an easy task. I try not to preach. My general approach has always been to educate those with an open mind and heart.

    Personally, I have tried to live a healthy lifestyle. I am an avid bicyclist (ex-bike mechanic), practice yoga and lift weights. I keep my meat intake to no more than 3 4 oz servings per week of lean organic grass fed animals, and rely on vegetables, fruits and whole grains as my mainstay. I am presently 54 years old, weigh 171 pounds (6 feet tall), and of special note to you, had my first dental filling at the age of 52 (that was a sad day for me, having my perfect teeth record snapped). =)

    I find Weston Price’s research intriguing. Interesting that many of his research subjects
    had perfectly aligned teeth with no need of intervention. His interpretation of this fact
    was due to their whole foods diet. It just goes to show how true it is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I know that many people need your and my profession’s services, but I wish more individuals would be more accountable for their OWN health.

    Keep up the good work on your website and keep biking!!


    Kevin McCaulley

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