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Doughnuts at the dental office — 2 Comments

  1. Do you have any sources to cite your claims? You say you know these things because you are a dental professional but I’m not sure if dentists are qualified to determine what causes heart disease and Alzheimer’s. That’s a pretty bold statement.

    • Good morning Drew,

      We recently attended a seminar on oral hygiene that was very informative on sugars and how our whole body reacts, not just our teeth. There is a direct correlation with heart disease and sugar, and I have realized more and more that as health professionals we not only need to inform our patients that what goes in the mouth affects more than just our teeth, and we also need to “walk the walk” ourselves. If you’re interested in this topic check out Dr. Arthur Agatston MD heart disease.

      I must agree when I made my list, I may have gone a bit far when I said that sugar causes dandruff. 🙂 All things considered, raising questions helps convince our patients on the importance of not eating junky foods.

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