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  1. There are many specialties stores that pop up this time of year and they will carry a large variety of choices for you
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  2. While there is not currently a cure for cold sores, there are a variety of treatment options that can reduce the severity of cold sore symptoms and the duration of the cold sores.

  3. Great reding your articles! On a whim I went on a glutten free diet. To my astonishment my canker sores (that I got regularly) disappeared. And I pay the price when I can’t resist that slice of pizza which contains glutten. Since glutten can be the culprit for inflamation it may do the job on cold sores!
    Best to Lanita and the wonderful work you do!

    • Hello Irene,
      I do have members of my family that struggle with canker sores, I’ll have to pass on the possibility that it could be gluten. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message.

  4. Hello Dr. Medina,

    If you’re looking for an option to Acyclovir, or even Abreva, one that’s particularly effective for prevention when applied at the tingle, I recommend Cold Sores Begone Stick. I happen to be its developer over 20 yrs ago initially for my own use as a chronic cold sore sufferer. I found when applied at the early ‘tingle’, it seemed to abort the infection, and the sore never emerged, the same results achieved everytime. It’s a long story, but a layoff and already middle-aged, it threw me in a world that I resisted all my life, entrepreneurship. I’ve marketed to the natural products industry since then, received endorsements from major health magazines, i.e. Prevention and Natural Health. Celebrities order it from my website. It’s a lip balm that costs $10.99. I’d like to send you the product at no cost. If you find it effective for your next infection, would you be willing to write a follow up article about the alternative you found with the results you experienced?

    The second product came a few years later, Canker Sores Begone Stick. It’s not effective for sores triggered by acidic food, but if from stress, fatigue, illness, trauma to oral tissue-even chemo and radiation, it seems to work like nothing else. I’m happy to send you this product as well.

    Please visit the two websites below. There’s more info and video testimonials. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Robin Barr, Founder
    Robin Barr Enterprises, Inc., Mission Viejo, CA 92692
    Toll Free (888) 877-6315

    Product developer of two all natural, oral problem-solvers safe enough for kids:
    Cold Sores Begone Stick™, a topical, one-step preventative (http://www.ColdSoresBegone.com)
    Canker Sores Begone Stick™, heals in hours to a few days (http://www.CankerSoresBegone.com)

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