Brush up on Brushing – Infograph

Brush up on Brushing - Infograph

Brush up on Brushing You brush your teeth so often you probably don’t give it much thought. Take a moment to review some basic information and maintain a healthy mouth. Choose your weapon – Select a brush with soft bristles that fits your mouth and is comfortable to hold. Perfect your technique – Hold your brush at a 45-degree angle to your gums. Use short strokes and an up-and-down motion. Add another rep – Brush two times a day is great, but three times is ideal. Watch the Clock. Or TV. – It’s best to spend two minutes a day. A favorite show can help pass the time. Surprise your mouth – Switch up your brushing pattern to keep from … Continue reading →

Ground breaking news from your dental assistant out in Kenya!

Kenya Greenheart Tree- the new toothbrush!

“Recently I came across a young man brushing his teeth with what appeared to be a normal stick. Upon farther investigation, I was informed that this was no ordinary stick toothbrush. It was a stick from the Kenya Greenheart tree. I was really intrigued by this new discovery. Would this be something that I can bring back to our patients at Seasons of Smiles Dental in Camden, Maine? So I set out to do some fact-finding. After hours of research, I came across information that stated that the Kenya Greenheart tree is highly medicinal and used for many ailments. The leaves, twigs and root bark have high antimicrobial activity and the various plant parts can cure/alleviate symptoms ranging from malaria to your average toothache. That information … Continue reading →

Fluoride toothpaste use in young children — updated recommendations

A young father caring

This just came in from the American Dental Association: New recommendations for our young parents who are interested in using fluoride for their children’s teeth.  February of 2014 The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs conducted a systematic review of the evidence. The results of the study demonstrate that for children younger than 6 years, fluoride toothpaste use is effective in caries control. Based on the evidence, the Council recommends the following: Fluoride – Updated Recommendations. For children younger than 3 years, caregivers should begin brushing children’s teeth as soon as they begin to come into the mouth by using fluoride toothpaste in an amount no more than a smear or the size of a grain of rice. For children 3 … Continue reading →