Pain medications at the dental office.

Pain medications at the dental office.

Today in the dental office Pops – Dr. Medina to most of you- and I started talking about drugs. I was telling pops that as an ER nurse, I have about 30 drugs I give out regularly. From heart attacks to rashes, abdominal pain to migraines, I’d say everything gets treated with approximately 30 meds. Pops said he has his favorite 10. I asked him to tell me more, and found out about the BIG THREE. Obviously all pain medications given at the dental office are designed for short term pain relief only, while treatment is provided. If you come to the dental office for big pain- usually a toothache- Dr. Medina could give you the BIG THREE. These three … Continue reading →

Sockit! – Patient Instruction Sheet

Sockit! Oral Hygrogel Would Dressing

We at Season of Smiles Dental know that removing a tooth can be a very unpleasant experience.  We are continuously looking for products to make the transition as comfortable as possible.  One product that we have been using for a while now is called Sockit! and I found it while perusing the booths at Yankee Dental Convention.  I’m always on the look out for products that will help mouth sores, since I have a sensitive mouth and I’m susceptible to canker sores. When I looked at the ingredients, I said ”this is great! all natural food ingredients, soothing healing oils; let’s try it!” What is SockIt! made of? SockIt! is made from food ingredients, with no artificial components.  SockIt! contains mannose polysaccharides from Aloe vera, xylitol and a tiny … Continue reading →

Even Catherine the Great had a toothache.

A book review from Seasons of Smiles Dental . Had my account been hacked into?!?!?!? “Catherine the Great – Portrait of a Woman“???!!! Previous purchases have been along the lines of “Team Seal Six“. “Catherine the Great” . . . Not something I would ever buy, but there it was, number one on my list of books to listen to. Not only that, but it took two precious tokens to purchase. Upon investigating, I found out that my older sister had gone through my recent purchases of audiobooks and decided that my reading list needed to be elevated. Just a tad bit too lowbrow. The new book by Pulitzer-winning biographer Robert K. Massie was needed. Older sister leads, little … Continue reading →

Tiger Woods Tooth – Tiger has a hole in one.

Tiger Woods is worried about the 19th hole.

Do you like going to the movies?  How about short, fun movie snippets?  Seasons of Smiles Dental has their own in-house movie producer…  yes, those silly short Dental ads are from our very own Ben Medina.  Come on over and check them out! Tiger has a “hole in one”. In this youtube video Tiger Woods has a “hole in one”.  A hole in his tooth. The dental dilemma, What to do, who do I call? Seasons of Smiles Dental Video Tiger – Help, help, help me. Reporter – Is this about the terrible golf you have been playing? Tiger – No, right now I am most worried about the 19th hole. The one in my tooth. Reporter – That is the least of your … Continue reading →