Seasons of Smiles Dental Celebrates Red Nose Day 2016

Art Thomas and Michelle Red Nose Day 2016

We clamored up the sidewalk with the sun on our backs and wind caressing our faces, slowly making our way back to the office after a delicious group lunch. “Time to take our pictures! Lets go lets go!” hollered our beloved hygienist Samantha Quinn–today was the day our office got to have a little fun while showing our support for Red Nose Day. We waltzed into the office, decked ourselves out in noses, glasses and necklaces. We half posed, half partied while pictures were snapped–but wait–what exactly is Red Nose Day? Don’t worry, we wondered too. For those of you who don’t know, Red Nose Day is a day dedicated to spreading awareness for children in need in the UK and Africa, … Continue reading →