Nitrous Oxide, gas (hoof hearted) in Camden Maine

Ben Medina and his Pops – (hoof hearted in camden Maine)

As you may know, Lanita and I have four kids. They have all left home now, but one of my sweetest memories is sitting around the dinner table listening to my kids’ humor. Somehow, they seem to feed off each other–one would start the rift, and the next one would then chime in. My kids do love a good laugh. Before long they will all be HOWLING, more often than not at something slightly inappropriate. All the while mom is telling them to stop while trying not to laugh herself. Sweet memories. Case in point. What is it with flatulance humor and little boys?  I’ve seen my son laugh to the point where I feared he may hurt himself.  A few years back my son … Continue reading →

Dentures FAQ – The Second Visit

Dr. Medina and Anastasia at work removing extracting teeth #'s 22 and 27.

We have set the photos up as a slide show, if you press on the photo, you can proceed slide by slide and read the captions to get an idea what we did for the day. Day 2 – This is a busy visit! We administer nitrous oxide to Mike so we can extract two teeth and take master impressions that will lead to his new smile. It is a few weeks before Christmas and we are wondering if we can get this project done before the holiday. This second visit is a long one; we will break it up into three parts. In the first part, Dara lends a hand as we take photo records. Dara takes photo records … Continue reading →