Watching the New England Patriots play with Gordon Gronkowski.

Benjamin Medina meets Gordon Gronkowski

About 6 weeks ago I was visiting with my son on the phone and he mentioned that he would LOVE to see Tom Brady play before he retires.  Living in New England these last few years has been a gift with the the Patriots as the home team.  We started looking on the internet at the games scheduled for this year and what the possibilities of going to a game would be. It appeared that the New England Patriots in Pittsburgh game would be out best bet. My son Ben lives in Ohio now, Empty next syndrome and all of that.  I haven’t seen his new apartment, or his place of employment. To be honest, I knew the game would be fun, but I just wanted … Continue reading →

Who has nicer teeth for Super Bowl 2012?

These pictures are HUGE, depending on your internet speed, it may take a bit to download.  Go ahead and let it download, the time will be worth it.  🙂 VS Super Bowl time!!!! You may ask who is Seasons of Smiles cheering for. New England Patriots or the New York Giants. We are cheering for the nicest teeth!!! Feel free to zoom in on both photos and help us decide who has nicer teeth. Tom’s are whiter, with a bit of silver showing on his right side. Eli’s are just as nice, just a tad bit yellow. Tom gets our vote, but it’s close!!! … Continue reading →