Is there really such a thing as a tooth tattoo?

Sunflower Tooth Tattoo

A few years back my wife and I took some time off to walk up and down Atlantic Avenue for the Camden ME Arts and Crafts show.  My wife who is always on the lookout for making a new friend, overheard a conversation that a “tourist” was having with one of the artisans, and she overheard the “tourist” verbalize that he was a tooth artist. My dear wife then came over to me, and suggested that I should go over and talk to the “tourist”, that mostly likely he was a dentist too. Ok, that’s not going to happen.  I remember thinking, “Leave him alone Lanita, he is on vacation.” While later on in the same day Lanita happened to run into the … Continue reading →

QDP success Story with Brad Dodge

Seasons of Smiles Dental with Brad Dodge - We love what we do!

No Insurance? No Problem! Dental insurance doesn’t have to be a patient’s only option for affordable dental care. Let’s face it, in this ever changing health care environment one thing that remains a constant is a patients need to be treated with the respect and the doctors need to remain at the forefront of delivering the necessary care customized for each unique patient. It’s a timeless relationship that, all to often, is reduced due to the constraints of traditional insurance models. Many people put off dental care because of a lack of “dental insurance” and the perceived high costs of treatment. According to a study done by the UC Berkeley Labor Center, nationwide, about 3.7 million Americans have lost health … Continue reading →

Bill Curtis has a Smile Makeover

Bill Curtis's new smile makeover at Seasons of Smiles Dental

When Bill Curtis was thirteen years old he was riding his bike near the General Henry Knox Museum at Montpelier in Thomaston, Maine. He crashed his bike and chipped his two front teeth in half.  By the time he was seen by a dentist it was too late so his two front teeth were removed and a flipper partial was put into place. Seven years later he had a permanent bridge placed by Dr. Gerald Pendleton DDS here in Camden Maine. Do you want to venture the cost on a 4 unit bridge back in 1970? A whopping $180! For the next forty-six years, that bridge held on. No decay and nothing broke on it. However, aesthetically the bridge needed help. Curious to see more … Continue reading →