Give Them More Than They Expect

Kristin Pelletier with KP Consulting (small)

This little video clip came across my facebook page a few weeks ago and right away I thought ”that’s it! this is how we work at the dental office and in my Creative Memories business!”‘ Thinking about it some more, I realized that it’s because when I have business dealings with anything from the grocery store to putting tires on my car, the Top of the Line Customer Service is what just totally makes my day and motivates me to come back. So, we too have made an effort to Give them more than they Expect, Give them more than they pay for and Give them more than they have ever gotten from any other Dentist. Kristin Pelletier And if … Continue reading →

Dental Consultants

January of this year 2013, when we went to Yankee Dental, I took a class from Dr. Levin from the Levin Group, Inc.  I can’t remember why I signed up for the class, all I know as I listened to the lecture is that I felt overwhelmed.  There was so much information that I didn’t know, information that I wanted to know.  Questions that had to do with the business side of dentistry.  As I listened to his lecture, I became aware of the concept of a dental coach. I want a dental coach. I know there are personal trainers that can help you with losing weight or trainers for riding bikes, where they help you peddle faster, farther, better. … Continue reading →