Seth Godin at the dental office.

Seth Godin has beautiful Teeth!

I’m not exactly sure when or how I got on Seth Godin’s blog mailing list. Nevertheless, I did subscribe.  So every morning I get a morsel, a tidbit, a thought.  More often than not, I have to read it two times, three times, and I must admit there are times I’m not 100% sure that I understand what he is trying to say. May 2nd of this year Seth had a blog post about hygiene.  When I started reading it, it piqued my interest. Can we take what he has to say about hygiene in gereral, and apply what he says to dental hygiene? “Way better than getting hit in the face with a 2 x 4.” – Seth Godin Instead of … Continue reading →

Healthy Smiles Program

Deep Scaling and Root Planning (lingual)(after)

What is the Healthy Smile Program? You may have gum disease and we want to help! In this blog post we have included before and after photos to illustrate what the Healthy Smile Program can do for you. The goal of our Healthy Smile Program here is designed to bring your gums or the soft tissue surrounding your teeth and bone back to health by treating the active infection and disease. More than half of Americans have some form of gum disease. In the following photos, you can see tartar/plaque on the teeth and inflammation of the gums before periodontal therapy and cleaned tooth surfaces and healthy gums. In these photos you can see the tenacious calculus on the lower front … Continue reading →

Dental Hygienist (full time & part time)

Dr. Medina, Lanita, Laura, Nellie and Krista

We are still looking for the part time position. 9/27/2015 Dr. Medina Seasons of Smiles Dental is looking for a  dental hygienist who loves her career and is desiring to learn and improve on her chosen craft. Our office provides dental care in the midcoast area of Maine. Every day will present new challenges and new adventures. As you work with us, being a dental hygienist will come to mean so much more. To many patients, you will be a mentor, a teacher, and even a friend. Our entire staff is deeply committed to providing quality dental care to those in our community. We are a close-knit team, and although we’re serious about our work, having fun and loving what we do … Continue reading →