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Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy 2015

Jimmy Kimmel

These Jimmy Kimmel candy videos are some of our favorites here at Seasons of Smiles! Every year we think it will be the last, as kids are finally starting to catch on, but this video was one of the most entertaining yet. From screaming and crying, to a very convincing heart attack, these kids really show their disappointment at the thought of losing their candy. Who knew losing your skittles could be so devastating? Watch Jimmy, the kids and the parents in this Jimmy Kimmel Live! new video and use the comment box bellow to tell us what you think! Jimmy Kimmel Candy Video 2015 … Continue reading →

Switch Witch

Switch Witch Pumpkin

Have you heard of the Switch Witch? The Switch Witch is the magic being that switches “extra” Halloween candy for something better. Notice the emphasis on “extra” candy. Halloween only happens once a year but a few pieces of candy can be enough to validate all the trick or treating activity, especially if the treat is not something your child usually eats. Depending on the age of your children, the something better they receive in exchange for their “extra” candy could be arts and crafts, books, toys, educational games, clothes, sports equipment, an experience like movie passes or admission to one of their favorite activities or cold, hard cash. You do not have to add an expense to your lives. The gift could … Continue reading →

Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I told my kids “no in-between meals or snacks”.

Have you seen the Jimmy Kimmel’s 2013 candy video?  It’s a hoot!  If you liked the 2012 version, this one is more of the same. Have you heard that sugar is as addictive as crack? I have, and I always thought the comparison was a bit exaggerated.  But when I saw this video, it makes me wonder. Are we wired for sugar?  Does our body crave it that hard? As a dentist, I have been asked so many times for ideas on how to get less cavities.  One of our standard suggestions is straight out of the American Dental Association handout on snacks.  Press here to see the handout.  I must admit the reactions when I tell my patients ‘no … Continue reading →

The dentist is a weirdo? Halloween 2013

The Dentist is a Weirdo.

The Verizon dentist is a weirdo?. . . chuckle . . . Ummm Verizon, this is a bit awkward, great video, but there are a few inaccuracies. 1) We are located at 100 Elm St, not 32 Elm St. 2) We are handing out tooth brushes, not floss. The “dentist is a weirdo”? Really? . . . chuckle . . ., OK Seriously though, If you want to bring your kids in this week during office hours to say hello, we will be handing out toothbrushes. Again, our address is 100 Elm St. in Camden Maine.

Best Halloween Treat Ever

A box showing the contents from the American Dental Association

Free Computer Game This year Seasons of Smiles Dental is helping redefine the meaning of “treat” during the Halloween season. We have ordered all necessary supplies from the American Dental Association. The games are in the house. If your kids are into computer games, be sure and stop by the office during regular business hours and we would love to make sure they get their Halloween treat!!! http://www.stopzombiemouth.com Best Halloween Treat Ever This Halloween, the ADA and PopCap Games want to redefine “treat” by giving fun instead of candy! Please join us throughout October in this awesome national awareness campaign. The award-winning smash hit Plants vs. Zombies™ is a family friendly video game that’s been played by over 120 million people … Continue reading →

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