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Sleepy juice and sugar bugs

Don't be scared little one.

Every January there is a large dental conference in Boston which offers dental professionals the opportunity to see what is new and up and coming in the dental field and also offers continuing education courses. One of the courses I took was in relation to pediatric dentistry. It was a great lecture given by a pediatric dentist based out of Washington state by the name of Dr. Greg Psaltis. He has been in practice for over 30 years and is now seeing children of the children he has treated over the years! The lecture offered numerous tips for treating children that could be very useful to us as practitioners but also tips that he shares with parents to help the appointments … Continue reading →

The dentist is a weirdo? Halloween 2013

The Dentist is a Weirdo.

The Verizon dentist is a weirdo?. . . chuckle . . . Ummm Verizon, this is a bit awkward, great video, but there are a few inaccuracies. 1) We are located at 100 Elm St, not 32 Elm St. 2) We are handing out tooth brushes, not floss. The “dentist is a weirdo”? Really? . . . chuckle . . ., OK Seriously though, If you want to bring your kids in this week during office hours to say hello, we will be handing out toothbrushes. Again, our address is 100 Elm St. in Camden Maine.

Dentist With A Heart – Fall Edition

The crew - Meredith Batley, Anastasia Snow, Dr. Medina and Autumn Therrien

Seasons of Smiles Dental participates in Dentists with a Heart – Fall Edition, 2012. “The need for dental services for low-income residents is overwhelming”, said Meredith Batley who is the executive director of the Knox County Health Clinic. But Seasons of Smiles Dental took a big bite out of that need on Friday, October 12, 2012. Dentist with a Heart By the end of the day, Seasons of Smiles Dental had extracted 4 teeth, repaired 2 cavaties, and begun the necessary steps to extract five teeth on a Coumadin patient, by obtaining additional information from the cardiologist. The Knox County Health Clinic has a dental program that provides examinations, cleanings and X-rays by a dental hygienist. There is limited access to … Continue reading →

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