Shine on Kimmie

Kimberlee Peterson gets a black eye

Kimmie gets a shiner. The hazards of playing baseball, but Kim still came to work. Whew, we are so relieved that it is only your eye and not your teeth. The jokes have been non stop all day. Now we want your best line or joke! Whose comment will make Kim laugh the hardest? Winner gets a $20 gift card from Subway. Please place you comment on Facebook @ While you’re on our Facebook page, give us a “like”. Or has it been a while since you’ve had your teeth cleaned?   🙂 … Continue reading →

Spring 2012 – New Changes in our office.

When the lawn mower sounds are heard, we know that Spring, green, growing, and beautiful changes are happening. At Seasons of Smiles Dental we are celebrating Nellie’s 13th anniversary as our Front Desk expert; We are welcoming our new assistant Anastasia Snow; Our daughter Krista is home from her first year of college as a Nursing student and will be working at our office during the Summer months. We are also celebrating some new technology for our office, so when you come in, you will get the chance to use our new iPads to read the local news, New York Times; check your e-mail; and of course, ‘like’ our office on Facebook while you are at it! … Continue reading →