Doughnuts at the dental office

When I drove into our parking lot I had to chuckle, “Doughnuts at the dental office?!” hmmm, maybe we can use this . . . I must admit I’m not a big fan of doughnuts. Maybe I should clarify. I hate doughnuts. Can I go on? In my opinion, Doughnuts should never be eaten, or especially given to children.  I will be bold enough to say they should never be fed to the elderly.  As a dental professional I know that doughnuts not only cause cavities, but a host of other aliments.  Hmm, this could be an interesting list. Diabetes Heart Disease Hypertension Bad Breath Obesity Cancer Alzheimer’s Low Libido Atherosclerosis Colon Cancer Diarrhea Stroke Depression Dandruff OK, maybe I’m … Continue reading →