WiFi and iPods and Thermostats?

Our new Nest Thermostat installed in our office.

What do iPods and thermostats and WiFi have in common? The answer is Nest. The new thermostat is designed by Tony Fadell, who invented the iPod. Okay, he didn’t do it singlehandedly–but the former Apple executive conceived it, got Apple on board, and then went on to shepherd the development of 18 (!) generations of the company’s signature pre-iPhone product. In 2008 he left Apple and several years later founded a stealth startup called Nest Labs, which was revealed this year to be in the… thermostat business. We at Seasons of Smiles Dental love anything technologically related, and we just had to try this out at the office. We have only been using the thermostat for this last week, and … Continue reading →