Partial Dentures

Flexing a valplast partial denture.

While partial dentures may not be for everyone,  sometimes they are the only option. One of the main advantages of a partial denture is the ability to replace many teeth, at an affordable price. Valplast partial dentures are considered removable. There can be many advantages and disadvantages with partial dentures. One disadvantage of removable partials is that they come out, or sometimes while eating, they can move.  Partial dentures can take a while to get used to, which can be a challenge. The disadvantage can also be an advantage. The fact that partial dentures do come out makes everything easier to clean after a meal, since they come out. For more options on replacing teeth press here for a brochure … Continue reading →

Happy Father’s Day 2013 from Seasons of Smiles Dental

I remember this moment. It seems like just yesterday my kids were small enough for me to carry around… I would pull my daughter all over town in her red Radio Flyer wagon. I remember going fishing. The most fun my kids had wasn’t handling the stinky fish, but the donuts we bought to eat beforehand. I remember trick or treating; filling the kiddie pool with icy hose water for swimming; playing tea parties with my little girls. One of my fondest memories is simply of riding our bikes around the neighborhood as a family. Today, some of my children are grown. They pay their own car insurance and work real jobs and come home for a couple weeks a … Continue reading →

Is This The Best Tooth Extraction Method You Can Possibly Imagine?

Do you need a tooth pulled? Or have a Dental Emergency? Wait! Don’t pull out the bow and arrows; No need to tie a string to your tooth and the door knob and slam the door! Give Seasons of Smiles Dental a call – we have state of the art equipment to help make your dental needs or dental emergency as comfortable as possible. Give us a call, we’re here for you. During office hours we can be reached at (207) 236-4740, after hours we can be reached at (877) 437-2644. A shout out to for this great gif. … Continue reading →