Why are crowns recommended after root canals?

We had an interesting emergency visit recently. A guest from out of state asked if we could remove a tooth for him. He was not interested in saving it, he just wanted it out. He had a root canal that was done a number of years back, and unfortunately he never had a crown done afterwards, and the tooth had cracked. From what I could see the tooth was not infected, and my inclination was that the broken part of the tooth was tugging on the gum tissue causing discomfort while eating. A dental crown could have prevented this. We recomend crowns on all posterior teeth that have had root canals, as soon as possible.  We have seen situations where a … Continue reading →

I can’t afford two new crowns

The mesial buccal cusp is broken off tooth #14.

This summer we had a patient call our office.  She asked if she could set up an appointment to have her tooth looked at.  She noticed that a piece of her tooth was missing, and she didn’t know if a piece of the tooth had broken off, or a piece of the filling was gone. After looking at the tooth, The filling looks pretty much intact. The way I see it, a piece of the tooth broke off. If you look closely at the tooth you can see other cracks. The tooth does have the potential of more pieces breaking off. The patient wasn’t having any discomfort or pain, and so, for the sake of completeness, we asked if we … Continue reading →

ADA PatientSmart – Patient Education Center

The American Dental Association offers PatientSmart to it’s members. Through the years we have purchased so many dental educational brochures for our patients. I always liked the one offered from the American Dental Association. One thing that I liked about them was the “spirit” they were written in. They always had great pictures and illustrations, and they are written in simple laymen terms explaining what dental options are available. There were always so many brochures to choose from, and it was always a challenge to get the most relevant ones, and to order the right amount of these brochures. Now…. No more brochures!!! Seasons of Smiles Dental will environmentally do the right thing by purchasing this subscription from the A.D.A. … Continue reading →