Bad Breath? – Problem Solved

Bad Breath - Problem Solved - Lifehacker video 6/22/2015.

Halitosis, more commonly known as bad breath can be a real stinky problem to have. Quit often, we have patients asking us, if there is a solution to this problem. The American Dental Association recently sent this video link.  I hope you find it as informative as I did. Common causes are: Dry mouth Bacteria accumulation on the tongue Food particles left behind after eating Eating food and drink like garlic, coffee, alcohol Best way to help prevent bad breath: Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water Chew sugar free gum or sugar free mints to stimulate saliva Use a tongue scraper to remove bacteria from the tongue Brush and floss thoroughly after each meal Eating a healthy and nutritious … Continue reading →

Why can’t I just have my teeth cleaned?

Signs of early gum disease, gingivitis. 4-5 mm pocketing with bleeding points.

There are many questions you may have when discussing periodontal or gum disease and the treatment we recommend.  We have great resources available to you online to research like this,  ADA’s brochure on preventing periodontal disease or this ADA’s Brochure on treating Periodontal Disease. but sometimes it is easier to explain in the simplest terms. As a hygienist I was trained to focus on my patients gum and bone health by recognizing signs of gum disease and use that knowledge to appropriately treat to my best ability. My goal is for you to have a healthy and disease free mouth! Why can’t I just have my teeth cleaned? A “regular” dental cleaning to us is known as a dental prophylaxis or prophy. By definition a … Continue reading →

Radiation protection and lead aprons

Why do we use lead aprons when taking dental x-rays?

Lead aprons don’t matter during x-rays? This is not what I expected. Of course I’ve always been a big fan of lead aprons. If I take a dental x-ray through a lead apron, the lead apron doesn’t let any of the dental x-rays through. The way it’s always been is that the lead aprons are great at stopping x-rays.  Which begs the question to be asked, If dental digital x-rays are so safe, then why do need to use a lead apron? We just received this information from the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA). If I understand it correctly, when taking panoramic dental x-rays, it’s doesn’t make a difference whether or not you have a lead apron.  The … Continue reading →

Fluoride toothpaste use in young children — updated recommendations

A young father caring

This just came in from the American Dental Association: New recommendations for our young parents who are interested in using fluoride for their children’s teeth.  February of 2014 The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs conducted a systematic review of the evidence. The results of the study demonstrate that for children younger than 6 years, fluoride toothpaste use is effective in caries control. Based on the evidence, the Council recommends the following: Fluoride – Updated Recommendations. For children younger than 3 years, caregivers should begin brushing children’s teeth as soon as they begin to come into the mouth by using fluoride toothpaste in an amount no more than a smear or the size of a grain of rice. For children 3 … Continue reading →

ADA Encourages Use of New Gaming App – Toothsavers

New Toothsavers Game! Game encourages kids to brush for two minutes, twice a day through interactive fairy tale kingdom adventure! With Children’s Dental Health Month around the corner, the Ad Council and the Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives have released a new, free mobile gaming app, Toothsavers, in an effort to motivate parents and caregivers to take action to reduce their children’s risk of oral disease. This interactive game makes toothbrushing fun by encouraging kids to save friendly fairy tale characters from the evil, cavity-creating sorceress who cast a wicked tooth-rotting spell on the kingdom. The goal of the game is to motivate children to save their own teeth by brushing their teeth two minutes, twice a day. Here’s … Continue reading →

Dental Consultants

January of this year 2013, when we went to Yankee Dental, I took a class from Dr. Levin from the Levin Group, Inc.  I can’t remember why I signed up for the class, all I know as I listened to the lecture is that I felt overwhelmed.  There was so much information that I didn’t know, information that I wanted to know.  Questions that had to do with the business side of dentistry.  As I listened to his lecture, I became aware of the concept of a dental coach. I want a dental coach. I know there are personal trainers that can help you with losing weight or trainers for riding bikes, where they help you peddle faster, farther, better. … Continue reading →

Phytic acid and teeth

Phytic Acid in Nuts and Grains

Yesterday a patient came into the office asking about phytic acid and teeth, and what I thought of the subject. I must admit that I know absolutely nothing about phytic acid, and I told him so. He was kind enough to send me a link that he found on phytic acid. He felt that it was an interesting topic and it was a subject that he kept running into. Thanks Ron for introducing me to this interesting subject. The link that was sent to me is taken from the Weston A. Price Foundation website.  Before I read the article, I did a wiki search on the Weston A. Price Foundation. Weston was a Dentist!!! That sure perked my interest. In … Continue reading →

Best Halloween Treat Ever

A box showing the contents from the American Dental Association

Free Computer Game This year Seasons of Smiles Dental is helping redefine the meaning of “treat” during the Halloween season. We have ordered all necessary supplies from the American Dental Association. The games are in the house. If your kids are into computer games, be sure and stop by the office during regular business hours and we would love to make sure they get their Halloween treat!!! Best Halloween Treat Ever This Halloween, the ADA and PopCap Games want to redefine “treat” by giving fun instead of candy! Please join us throughout October in this awesome national awareness campaign. The award-winning smash hit Plants vs. Zombies™ is a family friendly video game that’s been played by over 120 million people … Continue reading →

MouthHealthy for life

What do you think of when you hear the words American Dental Association? Going to the dentist? Buying toothpaste? Three out of four dentists? The American Dental Association is so much more. For starters, did you know that the ADA is the oldest and largest dental society in the world? Its true. The first meeting of the ADA took place on Aug. 3, 1859, two years before the start of the Civil War and only 83 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. And since that day, the ADA has expanded to include more than 156,000 dentists from every state and Puerto Rico and increased its outreach to impact not just those who care for teeth, but also … Continue reading →