Michelle Webber, EFDA

Michelle Webber, EFDA

Dentistry is Michelle’s passion.  Through the years she has invested heavily into her career.  Her dental journey started in 1996, when she had the opportunity to work at Glen Cove Dental as a receptionist, “but I saw how much fun everyone was having out back, so my interests went in that direction.”

While working at Wiscasset Dental, the opportunity arose to further her education and she pursued it to the fullest by becoming an Expanded Function Dental Assistant.

Even though EFDA has been utiliized in other states, in 2007, the state of Maine, encouraged assistants and hygienists to become EFDA certified.  The licensure entailed rigorous testing, 260 hours of required practice in placing fillings, coronal polishings, sealants and temporizing crowns and bridges.  The licensure also requires 22 hours of continuing education each year which allows Michelle to keep up on the latest technology

Michelle Webber Smiles

Michelle Webber Smiles

Michelle pursued her Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Certification in 2010 and Graduated with from Eastern Maine Community College in 2011.

Along with the Many years of attending continuing education classes, She has also been fortunate to learn from some amazing consultants who have taught her to not only listen to the patient, but to also counsel them on the best ways to maintain and improve their health.

“I love creating smiles that makes a difference in someone’s life. I also enjoy working with patients, creating a bond and trying to help alleviate any Dental-related fears.”

Michelle is  a local girl, She grew up in Thomaston, Maine and graduated from Georges Valley High School in 1988.

Outside of Dentistry, Michelle enjoys hiking, kayaking, spending quality time with her family and friends and also special time with her three Grandchildren.

Michelle Webber and Sheer White

Michelle Webber and Sheer White



Our favorite Michelle quote. “Do you go to the dentist every 6 months, or only when a tooth hurts?”



Bill Curtis has a Smile Makeover

Bill Curtis's new smile makeover at Seasons of Smiles Dental

When Bill Curtis was thirteen years old he was riding his bike near the General Henry Knox Museum at Montpelier in Thomaston, Maine. He crashed his bike and chipped his two front teeth in half.  By the time he was seen by a dentist it was too late so his two front teeth were removed and a flipper partial was put into place. Seven years later he had a permanent bridge placed by Dr. Gerald Pendleton DDS here in Camden Maine. Do you want to venture the cost on a 4 unit bridge back in 1970? A whopping $180! For the next forty-six years, that bridge held on. No decay and nothing broke on it. However, aesthetically the bridge needed help. Curious to see more … Continue reading →

Holiday Food Drive (2015)

Holiday Food Drive

Seasons of Smiles is collecting food and or money to donate to our local pantry for those in need Patients who donate either nonperishable food or money to the food drive will be entered to win a FREE year of our Quality Dental Plan (QDP) What is QDP? QDP is our annual dental savings program we offer for families and individuals without insurance. QDP Members receive quality dental services at greatly reduced prices in our office. No deductibles! No yearly maximums! No waiting periods to begin treatment! QDP benefits and savings begin immediately upon registration. Included savings is equal to or greater than $300 This is a wonderful gift for those you know that do not have insurance but are in need of quality dental care … Continue reading →

Is clenching and grinding a problem?

Clenching and Grinding. Could this be your solution?

Do you clench and grind your teeth? There are many of us that do and have done it for years, and aren’t even aware.  Some of us do it at night, while some of us do it during the day at times of stress. Ideally our upper teeth should touch our lower teeth about 15 minutes a day. In other words, our upper teeth should only touch our lower teeth when eating. There are many symptoms that imply that clenching and grinding may be a problem.  Go take a look in a mirror and inspect your teeth.  Do you see front teeth that are chipped? Do they look worn and thin? Do your back teeth have a “flat” chewing surface? If … Continue reading →