Have you seen the Jimmy Kimmel’s 2013 candy video?  It’s a hoot!  If you liked the 2012 version, this one is more of the same.

Have you heard that sugar is as addictive as crack? I have, and I always thought the comparison was a bit exaggerated.  But when I saw this video, it makes me wonder. Are we wired for sugar?  Does our body crave it that hard?

As a dentist, I have been asked so many times for ideas on how to get less cavities.  One of our standard suggestions is straight out of the American Dental Association handout on snacks.  Press here to see the handout.  I must admit the reactions when I tell my patients ‘no snacking in between meals’ are similar to this video. They may not be as intense as these kids being told that all their candy has been eaten, but I’ve seen some pained looks at the idea of no snacks.

We at Seasons of Smiles Dental not only wish and hope for your healthy smiles, but full healthy lives as well.

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