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We have set the photos up as a slide show, if you press on the photo, you can proceed slide by slide and read the captions to get an idea what we did for the day.

The final dentures are back from Eliason Dental Lab and boy, do they look great! The dentures go in a little tight. Mike liked the idea of leaving them tight and I agreed, knowing that I would see him in 24 hours for the routine denture check, when we could start adjusting out the sore spots. Unfortunately, because of transportation issues we were not aware of, Mike was not be able to come in for another week. I think it was a long sore week for him. If I had known about his transportation issues, I would have done things differently.

We send Mike home with a Fixodent® Denture Wearer Orientation Kit. We discussed denture adhesives. At the time, I was thinking he would not need any denture adhesive on his upper denture and maybe just a tad on his lowers to hold them in place. We send Mike home to take them out for a test drive.

  Be sure and check out Mike’s video.

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