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Watching the New England Patriots play with Gordon Gronkowski.

Benjamin Medina meets Gordon Gronkowski

About 6 weeks ago I was visiting with my son on the phone and he mentioned that he would LOVE to see Tom Brady play before he retires.  Living in New England these last few years has been a gift with the the Patriots as the home team.  We started looking on the internet at the games scheduled for this year and what the possibilities of going to a game would be. It appeared that the New England Patriots in Pittsburgh game would be out best bet. My son Ben lives in Ohio now, Empty next syndrome and all of that.  I haven’t seen his new apartment, or his place of employment. To be honest, I knew the game would be fun, but I just wanted … Continue reading →

Our annual photo in glorious GIF format (2016)

  May I introduce our 2016 team. We have Dr. Norman Medina, Lanita Medina, Samantha Quinn, Kim Peterson, Cathy Caveney, Michelle Webber and Nellie Clark. As you can see we are a fun group at Seasons of Smiles and we don’t mind being a little (or a lot) silly at times. However, when caring for patients our professionalism is beyond compare. Our Staff If you are looking for a friendly dental atmosphere with the personal touch Seasons of Smiles dental is welcoming new patients with open arms. As a reminder for those with dental benefits now is the time to schedule a visit with us before those benefits expire at the end of the year. Please call us at 236-4740 … Continue reading →

What is an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant?

Michelle illustrates Isolite (II)

What is an EFDA? Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA) programs are designed to train Certified Dental Assistants and Registered Dental Hygienists in the art of Restorative Dentistry. Not all dental offices have a professional on staff with EFDA qualifications but we are very fortunate to have Michelle Webber at Seasons of Smiles Dental. She strives to make her patients as comfortable as possible. Her goal is for her patients to love their smile as much as she does and she goes the extra mile to ensure that outcome. The additional education attained enables EFDA’s to perform duties including direct patient care, which may be legally delegated by a licensed dentist. Even though Michelle does not require an assistant when completing restorative work, … Continue reading →

Shine on Kimmie

Kimberlee Peterson gets a black eye

Kimmie gets a shiner. The hazards of playing baseball, but Kim still came to work. Whew, we are so relieved that it is only your eye and not your teeth. The jokes have been non stop all day. Now we want your best line or joke! Whose comment will make Kim laugh the hardest? Winner gets a $20 gift card from Subway. Please place you comment on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/seasonsofsmiles While you’re on our Facebook page, give us a “like”. Or has it been a while since you’ve had your teeth cleaned?   🙂 … Continue reading →

Seasons of Smiles Attends Yankee Dental 2016

Seasons of Smiles Dental Team Yankee Dental 2016

What’s new and improved in the world of dentistry? We love all the new ideas and learning that takes place at our annual dental convention, and Yankee Dental 2016 did not disappoint. We are coming back enthusiastic with many new ideas and products that we want to incorporate at our office. We want to serve our family, friends and neighbors of midcoast Maine with the best that the dental industry has to offer and we take our responsibility seriously. One product that we are hoping to carry is OraVerse.  Press here to find out more. A shout out to Nellie, Kim, Michelle, Samantha, Lanita, Krista, Brooke and Cathy for making #YankeeDental2016 not only fruitful, but enjoyable. You guys know how … Continue reading →

The Adventures of Quinny

Quinny makes its home.

We were so disappointed that Samantha, also known as Quinn or Quinny in our office,  was not going to be able to join us for Yankee Dental 2016.  Samantha was just a bit too busy to join us this year,understandably,with her first baby’s birth being any day now. I’m not sure who came up with the idea, but it was suggested that we make a cutout of Quinn and take photos of her on our Boston excursions, that way she would ”be with us”.  Doing this added some fun to our annual trip to Yankee Dental Conference. We sure had a ton of chuckles as we were running around town taking photos.  I hope we didn’t lose any of our FB … Continue reading →

Number Of Adults Seeking Orthodontic Treatments.

The Wall Street Journal (10/5, Reddy, Subscription Publication) reports that an increasing number of adults are seeking orthodontic treatments, and dentists are offering more discrete options. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, more than 1.2 million adults received orthodontic treatment in 2012, up 36 percent from 1996. Orthodontic procedures for children and teens rose 32 percent in that period to 4.65 million. It’s great to see a rise in statistics for orthodontic treatment, and here at the office a good 60 percent of our staff have chosen to seek orthodontic treatments in their adult years. 🙂 How about you? Join us in having a healthier smile! If you or a loved one is interested in obtaining more information about … Continue reading →

Starbucks is Hiring

Starbucks is Hiring, and so are we at Seasons of Smiles Dental.

This morning while checking out a bulletin board in Lewiston, I saw this posted. Starbucks is hiring. I thought it was cute, and an effective way of getting the word out. We are hiring in Camden, Maine as well. We currently have two part time positions available. 1) We are searching for a dental hygienist that is looking for work. Maybe you need to pick up an extra day or so?  Throughout the years, we have met some great new graduates that are having a hard time finding their first office, and we are reaching out to you too. If you, or someone you know, is interested, please send them here. 2) We are also looking for a part time dental assistant, no … Continue reading →

Part-time Dental “Floater” (Assistant/ Front Office) Position

Come join our team.

The position has been filled.  Thanks to all the great applicants that have applied. 10/18/2015. Dr. Medina Seasons of Smiles Dental is growing!  We are looking to fill a part time position with the right candidate to help us with our daily needs including dental assisting and front office help. Our office provides dental care in the mid coast area of Maine. Every day will present new challenges and new adventures. As you work with us, being a dental team member will come to mean so much more. To many patients, you will be a mentor, a teacher, and even a friend. Our entire staff is deeply committed to providing quality dental care to those in our community. We are a … Continue reading →

What do Invisalign buttons look like?

What are Invisalign buttons? One definition that we found online, that we liked: So what are invisalign buttons or attachments and where are they placed? The Invisalign attachments are actually an anchor that is positioned strategically depending on your treatment plan and what they’re for is to give a bigger area to be able to grasp on to so that the aligners can move the teeth. Sometimes to turn them, sometimes to move them down or up but essentially that is what the buttons are for… Taken from Questions answered regarding Invisalign buttons.. Some other questions, that we have heard, What do Invisalign buttons and aligners look like? Sometimes words can only go so far, pictures are worth a thousand … Continue reading →

Ground breaking news from your dental assistant out in Kenya!

Kenya Greenheart Tree- the new toothbrush!

“Recently I came across a young man brushing his teeth with what appeared to be a normal stick. Upon farther investigation, I was informed that this was no ordinary stick toothbrush. It was a stick from the Kenya Greenheart tree. I was really intrigued by this new discovery. Would this be something that I can bring back to our patients at Seasons of Smiles Dental in Camden, Maine? So I set out to do some fact-finding. After hours of research, I came across information that stated that the Kenya Greenheart tree is highly medicinal and used for many ailments. The leaves, twigs and root bark have high antimicrobial activity and the various plant parts can cure/alleviate symptoms ranging from malaria to your average toothache. That information … Continue reading →

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