Long in the tooth

Are you getting "long in the tooth"? We can help.

Have you ever heard the expression that someone is “long in the tooth?” “Long of tooth” doesn’t have to be.  Are you interested in keeping your youthful smile?  Give us a call and we can help. – Dr. Medina It refers to a condition we call recession. Gum tissue recession occurs when the tissues around the teeth pull away from the tooth and bone, exposing root surface.  It can occur anywhere in the mouth and happen at any age. Why is recession an issue? Exposed root surfaces are normally covered and protected by bone and tissue. Once exposed, these become more susceptible to decay as root surface is softer than enamel. They are also more susceptible to erosion from acidic foods, … Continue reading →

Are your teeth sensitive?

Toothbrush Abrasion

Are your teeth sensitive? Do you avoid ice cold drinks or hot foods in certain areas?  Does coming to the dentist cause you anxiety because you are waiting for that “ZING!”? Tooth sensitivity is typically seen in areas where the gums have receded exposing the root surface.  This may be caused by toothbrush abrasion or an incorrect bite.  When the root surface is no longer protected, small tubes that go from the outside to the inside where the nerve is located are exposed or open.  When left open these small tubes can be easily stimulated and trigger pain.  Another form of tooth sensitivity can be caused by teeth grinding due to the excessive force and trauma on the teeth.  We do not … Continue reading →

What is Dakin’s Solution?

What is Dakin’s Solution? Dakin’s solution is used to kill and prevent the growth of bacteria or germs in wounds. You can think of the infection present in your mouth as an open wound, caused by specific bacteria. If we can kill and control the germs we hope to keep the infection under control. This recipe for Dakin’s solution allows you to affordably mix your own solution at home. The germ killing part of the solution is Sodium hypochlorite solution 5.25%. That’s right. Bleach!  What better way can you think of to clean a germy area than bleach?  In a diluted solution it will have the same effect on the germs causing the infection in your mouth. We recommend the full … Continue reading →

Healthy Smiles Program

Deep Scaling and Root Planning (lingual)(after)

What is the Healthy Smile Program? You may have gum disease and we want to help! In this blog post we have included before and after photos to illustrate what the Healthy Smile Program can do for you. The goal of our Healthy Smile Program here is designed to bring your gums or the soft tissue surrounding your teeth and bone back to health by treating the active infection and disease. More than half of Americans have some form of gum disease. In the following photos, you can see tartar/plaque on the teeth and inflammation of the gums before periodontal therapy and cleaned tooth surfaces and healthy gums. In these photos you can see the tenacious calculus on the lower front … Continue reading →

Why can’t I just have my teeth cleaned?

Signs of early gum disease, gingivitis. 4-5 mm pocketing with bleeding points.

There are many questions you may have when discussing periodontal or gum disease and the treatment we recommend.  We have great resources available to you online to research like this,  ADA’s brochure on preventing periodontal disease or this ADA’s Brochure on treating Periodontal Disease. but sometimes it is easier to explain in the simplest terms. As a hygienist I was trained to focus on my patients gum and bone health by recognizing signs of gum disease and use that knowledge to appropriately treat to my best ability. My goal is for you to have a healthy and disease free mouth! Why can’t I just have my teeth cleaned? A “regular” dental cleaning to us is known as a dental prophylaxis or prophy. By definition a … Continue reading →

Post Operative Instructions following Periodontal Therapy

Perio - Post op Instructions

Post Operative Instructions following Periodontal Therapy Periodontal therapy was completed including scaling and root planing to remove bacterial toxins from under the gums that was causing bone loss and pocketing.  The purpose is to create a healthy environment to encourage healing and decrease inflammation caused by gingivitis and periodontal disease. It is normal to feel some discomfort after todays hygiene visit including soreness of the gums and/or other oral tissues, chapped lips, and temperature sensitivity. If local anesthesia was used we recommend avoid eating until the numbness has worn off.  This is to avoid accidental cheek and/or lip biting. Rinse your mouth 2-3 times a day with warm salt water.  We recommend 1 tsp salt dissolved in 3 oz of … Continue reading →

Mommy needs to have her teeth cleaned.

I remember the summer of 1985, when my wife of four years came up to me and told me “I want a baby.” I remember being taken aback. Really? I remember thinking, “Why would anybody want one of those.” Don’t get me wrong. I like kids, and the thought of spending a few hours babysitting could be fun. Going to Disneyland, or taking them to the park for an afternoon could be enjoyable. But I was fascinated by the idea that my wife, an intelligent women, would actually WANT a baby. At the time, I couldn’t understand why anybody would have those desires. I must admit, the moment I held my firstborn in my arms, I felt a surge of … Continue reading →