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QDP success Story with Brad Dodge

Seasons of Smiles Dental with Brad Dodge - We love what we do!

No Insurance? No Problem! Dental insurance doesn’t have to be a patient’s only option for affordable dental care. Let’s face it, in this ever changing health care environment one thing that remains a constant is a patients need to be treated with the respect and the doctors need to remain at the forefront of delivering the necessary care customized for each unique patient. It’s a timeless relationship that, all to often, is reduced due to the constraints of traditional insurance models. Many people put off dental care because of a lack of “dental insurance” and the perceived high costs of treatment. According to a study done by the UC Berkeley Labor Center, nationwide, about 3.7 million Americans have lost health … Continue reading →

Invisalign Cleaning Tips and Maintenance

Invisalign Cleaning Tips and Maintenance

Invisalign Recently our office staff flew to Boca Raton for a course to become certified for Invisalign. From experience we know this is a great product, and we are happy to be able to offer this service to our patients. There is so much great Invisalign material out there, the above video is one of my favorites for a number of different reasons. It’s been 40 years since I wore braces, and I never felt like I needed Invisalign, but after attending the classes, and watching the videos, I began to wonder if it might be fun to get Invisalign for my own teeth . . . We’d love to hear your feedback on this video! If you are interested … Continue reading →

Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic Dentistry The philosophy behind biomimetic dentistry proposes that teeth in their natural form are at their strongest and most successful. To further explore this concept, I recently stumbled upon this Biomimetic Dentistry Video found at http://www.biomimeticdentistryce.com given by Dr. Matthew Nejad. In his video he discusses Conserve as much tooth structure as possible Preserve tooth vitality and prevent unnecessary root canals Restore teeth which would traditionally require extraction Increase the bond strength of our restorations by 400% Minimize shrinkage stress on the teeth Eliminate sensitivity Create long-lasting restorations and prevent complications experienced with traditional approaches. Taken from Dr. Matthew Nejad’s video. We at Seasons of Smiles Dental follow all these guidelines. Tooth Structure is sacred, and we treat it … Continue reading →

Valerie’s new smile makeover.

Valerie and Dr. Medina

Valerie’s new smile makeover. In this short video we discuss with Valerie her smile makeover. As you will see in the video, Valerie came to us with some interesting challenges, so although it took six months, she now can show off her smile with confidence. Most cases don’t take this long;  we are always willing to help you with any unusual situations you might have to help you create the smile you are looking for. “Well I just want to say I think you have a beautiful smile.”      “Thank you very much.” “Thank you for letting us video the results of your smile makeover. We wanted others to see what your smile looks like. So what do you think?”     … Continue reading →

Partial Dentures

Flexing a valplast partial denture.

While partial dentures may not be for everyone,  sometimes they are the only option. One of the main advantages of a partial denture is the ability to replace many teeth, at an affordable price. Valplast partial dentures are considered removable. There can be many advantages and disadvantages with partial dentures. One disadvantage of removable partials is that they come out, or sometimes while eating, they can move.  Partial dentures can take a while to get used to, which can be a challenge. The disadvantage can also be an advantage. The fact that partial dentures do come out makes everything easier to clean after a meal, since they come out. For more options on replacing teeth press here for a brochure … Continue reading →

Grandma’s Fine China – Is there one missing from the family heirloom?

Have you ever thought of teeth as fine china?  I do.  What is a complete set?  Everybody’s set is unique and different.  In some situations the perfect set could be 32, in other situations 24. How about a perfect 27?  Is it possible to have a  perfect set with a odd number?  I think it’s possible. Unfortunately, time can go by so fast. As we all know, time can be hard on the fine porcelain.  Every once in a while, even though all precautions have been taken to maintain and protect,  something goes awry. A few years back we had a patient in that very situation: The patient had a perfectly beautiful set of 28 teeth. Unfortunately, one had to … Continue reading →

How can a fixed bridge replace a missing tooth?

Chewing surface of a bridge

I just love the idea of family heirlooms. Heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation. My wife has her grandmothers china from the 1920s, and on special occasions, we set the table. A beautiful white set, with a green leafy theme, and gold trim around the rim. We also have a china set that we purchased when we were married.  Four kids and 30 plus years later, as you can imagine, we have a few bowls and cups that have broken, and are missing.  A few years back I remember scouring the internet and searching eBay.  It was so satisfying, whenever I could find a match, that we could purchase to add to our set. Do you have a … Continue reading →

I can’t afford two new crowns

The mesial buccal cusp is broken off tooth #14.

This summer we had a patient call our office.  She asked if she could set up an appointment to have her tooth looked at.  She noticed that a piece of her tooth was missing, and she didn’t know if a piece of the tooth had broken off, or a piece of the filling was gone. After looking at the tooth, The filling looks pretty much intact. The way I see it, a piece of the tooth broke off. If you look closely at the tooth you can see other cracks. The tooth does have the potential of more pieces breaking off. The patient wasn’t having any discomfort or pain, and so, for the sake of completeness, we asked if we … Continue reading →

Tooth Fillings – Before/After Photos Herculite

Before photo - Tooth #9 with decay.

Have you ever been at a fast food counter, and noticed that the sales clerk has black decay in between her teeth?  I know I have.  I have never handed them my business card, but I have been tempted, because these can be so easy to repair when they are caught early.  Recently we did a case where a patient came in for a routine cleaning and we noticed decay on her front tooth. Here are the before and after photos of her front tooth. In this case we were able to remove all the decay, gaining access from the back side of the tooth we were able to leave all the enamel on the front side of the tooth intact.  The … Continue reading →

IPS e.max Before/After photos.

This is an "after" photo showing how beautiful a restored tooth looks like with e.max.

New, better and improved!!!   Traditionally when a crown was needed where aesthetics and strength were a concern, porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns were our #1 choice.  The strength came from the metal, and the porcelain stacked on top of the metal gave the crown it’s tooth color.  PFM crowns get their strength from the underlying metal.  Unfortunately, as the crown ages, the metal can show, or on a bright sunny day, when the light hits the tooth, you can see the difference.   Have you ever noticed a tooth that has a “grey line” along the gum line?  That may be the metal showing through underneath the porcelain. IPS e.max Crowns We now have another option to offer … Continue reading →

Sealants – An ounce of prevention is . . .

It’s a beautiful Thursday morning, the sun is out. And I am looking at a set of the most BEAUTIFUL teeth. We are scheduled to place sealants on all his back teeth, and one small filling. A sealant is placed over the grooves to seal out decay. A well placed sealant will prevent teeth from getting cavities in the grooves. All of a sudden the thought hits me, I need to share this teachable moment, I can take some before and after pictures. Before and After photos Before Photo. I brought up the photo on the screen, and sure enough, you can see the tooth that has a cavity. It’s a perfect example of why we place sealants. Tooth #19 … Continue reading →

Tom Cruise – Asymmetrical Smile

Toms’ smile is a favorite among dentists. Toms’ smile has been brought up in numerous dental continuing education classes that I have attended. Midline Discrepancy is how they describe the problem.  If you look closely, you can see how he has an asymmetric smile.  Word is that Tom has a missing upper bicuspid, #12 (it would be on his left side).  This probably was done in an attempt to deal with a slight crowding problem.  Once the tooth was removed, all the other teeth shifted into the missing gap. Generally it is better to extract the same tooth on the opposite side and then use orthodontics to align the teeth.  You wonder if  this was done because orthodontics was not … Continue reading →

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