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Kristin Pelletier, founder of KP Consulting, helps clients across the nation create businesses they love. She understands the challenges and barriers business owners face and is passionate about helping them transform and achieve their goals. She is able to identify and diagnose issues quickly and give workable, practical solutions. Kristin’s comprehensive services are bringing transformational change to a long list of clients through her one-on-one consulting programs, mastermind groups and team workshops.http://www.kristinpelletier.com/blog/https://www.facebook.com/KPConsulting/

The why to your what – Dental Purpose Statement

Kristin Pelletier with KP Consulting - Helping us with our Dental Purpose Statement

I love the quote by Simon Sinek, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Have you ever thought about the why to what you do each day? Dr. Medina and Seasons of Smiles Dental has. A dental practice knowing their why is so important. As a patient, you aren’t buying root canals and crowns and cleanings, you’re purchasing the belief behind Dr. Medina’s recommendations. As owner and practice management coach of KP Consulting, I work with Dr. Medina and his team throughout the year, and I recently challenged them to reaffirm the why to their what. If Dr. Medina is your dentist, you should be feeling pretty great about that right now. Why? Because on … Continue reading →