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Norman Medina DDS, graduated from Loma Linda University Dental School in 1994. He has been practicing dentistry in Midcoast Maine since 1994. He and his wife have 4 children.

Seasons of Smiles top dental blog posts of 2016.

The Blogging Dentist from Camden Maine

2016 is done and gone. It was an excellent year for Seasons of Smiles Dental. We hope you had a great year as well. We are enthusiastic about your oral health and we hope our website radiates our passion. The following are the most-read blog posts from 2016, as measured by page views via JetPack stats. Check out the countdown below, or you can peruse through all our other blogs posts. Press here to read our dental blog. Our number one blog post of the year was in regards to Hillary’s smile.   We may need to do a blog post on Donald Trump’s Smile in 2017.  Stay Tuned. #10 Phytic acid and teeth Phytic acid and teeth #9 Dentures – … Continue reading →

Dental Partnership For A Tobacco-Free Maine

Partnership For A Tobacco Free Maine (800) 207-1230

Are you thinking about quitting smoking? We as your dental care providers are hoping to reach out to you in our office in a positive way to encourage you to do so. We are very fortunate in the state of Maine to have great resources to assist you as you kick the habit, and we would love to inform you of these resources. So at your next cleaning or at your next exam don’t be offended if we ask your tobacco status. If you’re ready, we’ll help you out with a referral to Partnership For A Tobacco-Free Maine. They are ready to assist you with counseling over the phone. They can also provide medications to help you quit, free of charge! If … Continue reading →

A lot can happen in 7 days – Invisalign G7

Invisalign G7 - A lot can happen in 7 days. Shorten treatment time with weekly aligner changes.

Shorten treatment time with weekly aligner changes. It’s 2016 and Align Technologies has done it again.  In the past the recommendations where that each aligner needed to be worn 2 full weeks.  Now with G7, the aligners have been designed to get the same movement and results in 1 week, without compromising outcomes. You are going to love your new Invisalign smile and now with Invisalign’s G7 you can get your ideal smile that much sooner. Download the Invisalign G7 PDF below that fully describes this feature plus much more! … Continue reading →

Brush up on Brushing – Infograph

Brush up on Brushing - Infograph

Brush up on Brushing You brush your teeth so often you probably don’t give it much thought. Take a moment to review some basic information and maintain a healthy mouth. Choose your weapon – Select a brush with soft bristles that fits your mouth and is comfortable to hold. Perfect your technique – Hold your brush at a 45-degree angle to your gums. Use short strokes and an up-and-down motion. Add another rep – Brush two times a day is great, but three times is ideal. Watch the Clock. Or TV. – It’s best to spend two minutes a day. A favorite show can help pass the time. Surprise your mouth – Switch up your brushing pattern to keep from … Continue reading →

Dental Health and Aging

Time takes a toll Our mouths change as we age. Nerves can shrink and your teeth become less sensitive, thus making it harder to notice problem areas. Like cavities, which never stop being a threat to our teeth, no matter how old we get. Gum disease is also a major issue. It’s caused by bacteria between the teeth and is the leading cause of tooth loss. Signs of trouble Oral cancers are a health concern for everyone but far more likely to affect people over the age of 65. Early detection is a key weapon in the fight against them, so it’s important to watch for changes and problem areas. In addition, your mouth can show early warning signs of … Continue reading →

How do I whiten my teeth? The first step.

This was a gift from wiseintro.co. They recommended showing what you sell. Smiles and youth. This was to used with smilez.one.

There are so many ways to brighten your smile but the least expensive and the most conservative way is to whiten your teeth. So what is the first step? I would recommend measuring where you’re at before you start. If I may explain. Have you ever been on a diet? How do you know if it’s working? You measure. Before you start on the diet, you jump on the scale. And as time progresses with your diet, you jump on the scale to check if the pounds are coming off. How often do you jump on the scale? Every other day? Once a week? Before you start your diet, how many pounds are you hoping to loose? How many pounds … Continue reading →

Straight talk about crooked teeth

CROOKED TEETH & ORAL HEALTH When left untreated, crooked teeth can often lead to periodontal disease and premature wear on your enamel. Periodontal disease may also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and other illnesses. Straighter teeth and a proper bite can help you avoid these negative effects on your health. A beautiful smile is not the only benefit of having straighter teeth. Did you know that properly aligned teeth can also affect your overall health? Watch this video to learn more about the effects of crooked teeth on your oral health. … Continue reading →


Female patient in deltal office receiving dental filling drying procedure.

5 Things to Know About Teeth Whitening 1. There are many effective methods Today’s tooth bleaching materials are composed primarily of either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Many whitening techniques have proven to be effective, although results vary depending on type of stain, type of bleaching product and other factors. 2. Different shades yield different results Certain stains respond better to bleaching than others. Whitening products work the best on teeth with yellowish color. Brown staining doesn’t respond quite as well. Teeth with a grayish or purple color are typically the most difficult to whiten. 3. You’ll repeat the process Tooth whitening is not permanent. Depending the foods and beverages you consume, the shade will begin to fade in as … Continue reading →

Watching the New England Patriots play with Gordon Gronkowski.

Benjamin Medina meets Gordon Gronkowski

About 6 weeks ago I was visiting with my son on the phone and he mentioned that he would LOVE to see Tom Brady play before he retires.  Living in New England these last few years has been a gift with the the Patriots as the home team.  We started looking on the internet at the games scheduled for this year and what the possibilities of going to a game would be. It appeared that the New England Patriots in Pittsburgh game would be out best bet. My son Ben lives in Ohio now, Empty next syndrome and all of that.  I haven’t seen his new apartment, or his place of employment. To be honest, I knew the game would be fun, but I just wanted … Continue reading →

7 Signs You Need To Visit Your Dentist

Frustrated young man touching his cheek and keeping eyes closed while sitting on the couch at home

Everyone knows to visit the dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning. But when you experience any of these symptoms you should consider making an appointment right away. 1. Loose Teeth This can be an indication of gingivitis, which is inflammation of the gums caused by bacteria. Left untreated, it can advance into periodontitis and put your teeth in jeopardy. 2. Temperature Sensitivity A reaction to hot or cold foods may be a sign of decay in a tooth, a loose filling or an exposed root surface resulting from gum recession. It can also indicate cracks in a tooth’s enamel. 3. Bleeding Gums Seeing blood after brushing or flossing could be a sign of an infection. Seek treatment … Continue reading →

My favorite top 10 dental websites.

My top 10 Dental Websites

I’m sure I sound like an old geezer by reminiscing about the old days.  I remember dentistry WITHOUT dental websites.  Do you remember those days? For a few hours each year we would meet with our local phone book representative, pick the size of ad that we wanted to run in the Yellow Pages. We would pick some colors, look at some stock photos, go over a few dental phrases, and within a few minutes our dental office marketing would be done for the year. We would then wait for the phone book to come out, and when it did we would pass it around the office for all to see, and compare it to all the other dental offices in the area.  Life was so simple … Continue reading →


The Truther Girls

DENTISTS HATE THIS VIDEO! I don’t hate the video but I must admit, I am a bit envious. 2,272,819 views and counting?!?! 2 million and change. Are you kidding me? That is one popular video. Those are great numbers!  I don’t know who the Truther Girls are, but I’m curious, what’s their magic? Hmmm, how to create video content that is creative, interesting and informative?  And better yet get millions of hits?  Do you have any ideas? Are you curious about #DIY dentistry and youTube videos? Check out the following link. Do it yourself (#DIY) Dentistry One of my videos, Is the counter broken? Only 40? 🙂 Have you ever seen the top of the smokestack in Camden Maine? … Continue reading →