Thomaston, Maine

Thomaston, Maine

Thomaston is an old seaport, popular with tourists and noted for its antique architecture. The population was 2,781 at the 2010 census.Thomaston is an old seaport, popular with tourists and noted for its antique architecture. The population was 2,781 at the 2010 census. As early as 1630, trading post was established on the eastern bank of the St. Georges River, which was considered the boundary between New England and New France. In 1704, Thomas LeFebvre from Quebec bought a large tract of land along the Weskeag River on which he built a gristmill, with a house on the shoreline at what is now South Thomaston. The area became known as Thomas’ Town. Mason Wheaton was the first permanent settler in 1763. Located … Continue reading →

Nemo 2013 – Camden, Rockland, Midcoast – Maine

Downtown Rockland Maine in the middle of Nemo blizzard

Cabin fever has set in and Lanita and I are dying to get out. We are in the middle of a classic Nor’Easter. They have given this blizzard a name, Nemo. Lanita and I jump in the Suburban and drive from Camden to Rockland Maine taking pictures. I kept thinking, this sure would be silly to get stuck or have a fender bender, just for the sake of a joy ride. Lanita has a positive outlook on life, pedal to the metal and all that, there was no keeping her home. As usual she is right, we had a blast sliding around!!! A few pictures to give you a small taste of what a nor-easter is like in midcoast Maine. … Continue reading →

Rockland, Maine

Rockland, Maine

Rockland, Maine Rockland is home to the Maine Lobster Festival, a celebration held annually in honor of the town’s primary export: lobster. In the first week of August, thousands of people come from all over the world to participate in this five-day event. Rockland also is home to the Farnsworth Art Museum, a world famous art gallery containing paintings by Andrew Wyeth and other well-known New England artists. Rockland’s main street also features numerous small shops and businesses including coffee shops, book stores, art supply stores, restaurants, and toy stores. Penobscot Bay, which Rockland borders, is known internationally as one of the best recreational sailing grounds in the world. The city’s breakwater, built in the 19th century, also draws tourists. … Continue reading →

Rockport, Maine

Post Office in W. Rockport, Maine

Rockport, Maine was the home of Andre the Seal, a seal adopted by the Goodridge family in the 1970s, and who entertained guests in Rockport Harbor until his death in 1986. The seal’s owner Harry Goodridge co-wrote a book about Andre, titled A Seal Called Andre. The 1994 film Andre was adapted from the book, although in the movie Andre is actually played by a sea lion, not a seal. A statue of Andre sits beside the harbor in his honor. Rockport is also known for its Belted Galloway cattle. The cattle are raised at the 136-year-old Aldermere Farm, which is owned and operated by the Maine Coast Heritage Trust, a statewide land conservation organization. The Belted Galloways remain one of … Continue reading →

Appleton, Maine

overlooking Senebec Lake in Appleton, Maine

Appleton is a town in Knox County, Maine,  incorporated on January 28, 1829 from the former Appleton Plantation.  Also in 1843 it annexed land from Hope to complete its boundaries which have not changed since then. Samuel Appleton, for whom the town is named, migrated from New Hampshire to become one of the first settlers in the 1770’s. Burkettville is a small village in Appleton at the crossroads of Route 105 and the Collinstown Road in the north west corner of the town.   The old Medomak Valley Grange No. 75 is located on Route 105 south of Burkettville. The Sennebec Pond straddles Union and Appleton.  This view, from Morang Corner on Route 105, is shared by the nearby Appleton Village School … Continue reading →

Washington, Maine

Washington Village, Washington, Maine

Washington is arural town located in the Mid-Coast area of Knox County, Maine with a population of about 1,400 people. It has vintage working farms, beautiful forested areas and two pristine lakes. The town is the 2009 winner of the Spirit of America Award for its high level of volunteerism. Some of the town organizations include: Gibbs Library, Mt. Olivet Lodge Masons, Evening Star Grange, the Village Church, Washington Historical Society, Washington Lakes Association, Hill & Gully Snowmobile Club, Washington Fire Department & Auxiliary, the Downtown Art Gallery, the Ladies’ Guild, VFW, Washington Food Bank, Union Area Chamber of Commerce, the Washington Manor Home, Prescott Memorial School. The Gibbs Free Library was originally established in 1915 as the result of … Continue reading →

Camden Maine Schnooner Weekend

The Sailors are in town!!

It’s Labour Day Weekend here in Camden Maine. It’s an interesting time of year where we start transitioning from summer to fall, lots of great weather still ahead, but there is a hint of a chill. Plenty of tourists in town, with a schedule full of events for the weekend. The seasons are changing here in Maine, and we at Seasons of Smiles Dental are grateful that we have so much to smile about. … Continue reading →

Warren, Maine

Beth's Farm Market at White Oak Farms in Warren, Maine

Warren was settled in 1736 at the head of the tidewaters of the St. George River. The settlement was about 30,000 acres. On Nov. 7th 1776 the settlement was incorporated as the Town of Warren. In the “Annals of Warren” we read, “the difficulty in raising the minister’s salary and assessing taxes, together with the desire of participating with other towns in the measures of the revolution, induced the inhabitants of the Upper town on St. Georges’s to petition to be incorporated. Their petition was granted; and on the 7th of November, 1776, the said plantation was incorporated into a town, and, in honor of Dr. Joseph Warren, who had the preceding year fallen so gloriously on Bunker Hill, was … Continue reading →

Union Maine

Knox County Fair

From what I understand the Union fair started in 1869, just a few years after the American Civil War. I can’t help but wonder, how little has it changed? The horse racing, all the displays, quilts, jams and jellies, and the farm animals. The Union fair is a small gift that gives us a glimpse of what it was like in rural Maine – then and now. … Continue reading →

Thomaston, Maine

Thomaston, Maine

Thomaston Maine. Knox County I took these photos walking through Thomaston on a nice summer day. Thomaston (formerly known as Fort Georges, Fort Wharf, Lincoln) is a town in Knox County, Maine, United States. The population was 3,748 at the 2000 census. Noted for its antique architecture, Thomaston is an old seaport popular with tourists. Rockland and South Thomaston were set off and incorporated in 1848. The Knox and Lincoln Railroad passed through the town, carrying freight and tourists.[6] Thomaston was home to the state prison until 2002, when it moved to Warren and the former facility was demolished. The prison was locally famous for its shop featuring handmade wares of the prisoners. The gift shop still exists today.[7] The … Continue reading →

It’s a perfect day for bowling!!!

Candlepin Bowling

August 16 is a very import day with Team Medina. We have been celebrating all week long, but the party does intensify on the 16th. We had lots of outdoor plans, but it turned out to be a rainy day. It’s a perfect day for a bowling birthday party. Oakland Park Bowling Lanes Camden Rd Rockport, ME 04856 (207) 594-7525 … Continue reading →

Rockland, Maine

Sunfire Grill. Mexican restaurant on Main St in Rockland Maine

ROCKLAND MAINE, KNOX COUNTY. I took these photos while driving through Rockland Maine. Rockland is a city in Knox County, Maine, in the United States. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 7,297. It is the county seat of Knox County[1]. The city is a popular tourist destination. It is a departure point for the Maine State Ferry Service to the islands of Penobscot Bay: Vinalhaven, North Haven and Matinicus. Rockland is home to the Maine Lobster Festival, a celebration held annually in honor of the town’s primary export: lobster. Every year, in the first week of August, thousands of people come from all over the world to participate in this 5 day event. Rockland also is home … Continue reading →

Hope, Maine

It's blueberry time in Hope, Maine

Blueberries in Hope, Maine The low-bush blueberry  is native to Hope. Maine’s Amerindians gathered these wild berries. They used them in their pemmican, the high-energy, not-so-perishable food that hunters and warriors took on their expeditions. No doubt, Hope’s early settlers gathered and ate them too. There have been many steps between the early blueberry gathering and Hope’s wild blueberry growing in 2000. Blueberries have become Hope’s biggest crop. Not counting home consumption, About 20 Hope families and another dozen or so non-resident landowners produce about 900 tons of wild blueberries a year for sale. These have an ex-farm value of about $700,000-900,000. There are major variations in yield and in price. They sell to the Knox County Growers, a co-operative … Continue reading →

Union, Maine

Union Fair in Union, Maine: pig scramble, tractor pulls, thrill rides, demolition derby, bluberry pie eating contest, and MOXIE!!

Union, Maine Union is a rural community located in a countryside of rolling fields and woods, well watered with lakes and rivers. It situated at the junction of Routes 17, 131 and 235 about 15 miles inland from Rockland.  Present population is about 2,300. Farming (dairy, vegetable and blueberry) and service businesses form the basis of the economy. Union is home to the Union Fair and Maine Blueberry Festival as well as the Maine Antiques Festival; both events are held at the Union Fairgroundsduring August. Many residents commute to work in the coastal towns or in the state capitol of Augusta. Union village is centered around Union Common, reputed to be the one of the oldest existing public greens in … Continue reading →

Camden, Maine

Camden, Maine

Camden, located in mid-coast Maine has been called the prettiest spot in Maine.  It is one of only two places on the Atlantic seaboard where the mountains meet the sea. Settlers were here as early as 1768, and it was known as Cambden Plantation unofficially known as Megunticook, a Native American name meaning “big mountain harbor”.  When the population reached 331, a town government was needed so they could build roads, bridges, schools, etc.  Camden at that time included Rockport, West Rockport, Rockville and Glen Cove.  A petition was sent to the General Court of Massachusetts at Boston and approved.  Prior to statehood in 1820, the District of Maine was part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For two hundred years, … Continue reading →

Rockport, Maine

Rockport, Maine

One of many beautiful days in Rockport Maine…. Rockport is a town in Knox County, Maine, United States. The population was 3,209 at the 2000 census. Rockport is a popular tourist destination and art colony. Rockport, or “the River” was settled in 1769 by Robert Thorndike. Goose River Village (as it was known until 1852), was originally part of the Megunticook Plantation, incorporated in 1791 as Camden. Shipbuilding, ice harvesting and the manufacture of lime were important early industries.[1] In 1817, 300 casks of lime were sent to Washington, DC for use building the United States Capitol, which had been damaged by the British during the War of 1812. In 1852, the citizens of Goose River voted to change their … Continue reading →

Thomaston Maine

Driving into Thomaston Maine

It was October of 1994 and we were living in a tent trailer with 3 kids on the coast of Maine. It was getting too cold. In the mornings we would get the blow dryer to warm up the inside on the tent trailer. It was time to get a job and go back to work. We found a house to rent in Thomaston Maine. It was such a comforting feeling unloading the tent trailer in our new home. Here are a few photos from this beautiful part of New England. … Continue reading →

Rockland Maine II

Knox County Court House

Driving along the Coast of Maine is truly a highlight. Living there is even better! Today’s photo blog focuses on the Rockland area and the many sights, sounds and festivities in the area. Rockland is home of the Maine Lobster Festival every August, Blue’s Festival, and the Maine Harbor and Boat festival, just to name a few. Join us on a photo tour. (Part 2) … Continue reading →