Dr. Medina working on one his patients.

Dr. Medina

Cosmetic Dentistry: Your smile is the first thing people see. It instantly portrays your personality, self-confidence, joy and vitality. Does your smile say it all or are you embarrassed to smile? Nearly half of adults surveyed say they want a beautiful smile.  Is it time, right now, to have the beautiful smile you deserve?  It won’t take years or even months, you can have the smile of your dreams. We use the most advanced treatment techniques in dentistry to give you the smile you deserve without waiting. Please take the opportunity to educate yourself about the cosmetic and restoration services we offer.

Ceramic Restorations: These crowns and veneers (Empress) are translucent, like your natural teeth, and can be placed to restore your front teeth, close spaces or to create a ‘straighter’ smile, at times, without orthodontics. This material is ideal to allow a natural reproduction of your ideal shade and shape for your smile. PFM Crowns for the back teeth do have a metal foundation covered with porcelain. This is an oven-fired glass type material and is very fracture resistant.

Prosthetics (Replacement of Missing Teeth): We make beautiful removeable prosthetic appliances, including highly esthetic implant supported crowns, permanent bridges supported by your natural teeth, partial dentures and full cosmetic dentures. We do everything possible to save your natural teeth, but when necessary, there are many great options to replace missing teeth.

Root Canal Therapy: Most root canals are done in our office, when necessary. Dr. Medina is very proficient at doing these procedures. Root canals don’t have to hurt, and they almost never do. Occasionally, we do refer to the root canal specialist for extremely difficult situations.

Periodontics (Keeping your Gums and Bones Healthy): Our hygienist, Laura, is a wonderful person, who you will truly enjoy working with. We use Ultrasonic and Hand scaling, as well as medicinal treatment modalities when indicated. Prevention is the most important part of periodontal care, so we provide ongoing home care instructions to help you keep your gums healthy and your bone support strong.

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) / Bruxism (Grinding) Therapy: When you chew normally, your teeth experience a force of about 175 pounds per square inch (psi). If you grind your teeth while you are sleeping, the force can be greater than 300 psi. That type of force can cause your TMJ and facial muscles to get fatigued and extremely painful. It can also lead to headaches and wear and fracture of the enamel of your teeth. In our office, we provide affordable, conservative, splint therapy, which helps resolve the pain for most people.

Surgery: Our office performs minor dental surgery, including brush biopsy of suspicious soft tissue lesions and uncomplicated tooth removal. Advanced surgical procedures are generally referred to the Oral Surgeon.

Nitrous Oxide: As part of our commitment to provide the best care in the most relaxed environment, we provide nitrous oxide to our patients, when they feel it necessary.


Below is a sitemap of information pertaining to  services that we offer here at Seasons of Smiles Dental.  If you can’t quite find what you’re looking for, please feel free to give us a call at (207) 236-4740.