This picture shows two teeth with fillings.

Dental Fillings

Advances in the application of fillings provide our patients with tooth-colored, composite materials. If you are a patient with tooth decay requiring a filling, Dr. Medina with fill the tooth with these new materials. Composite fillings look like the natural tooth and provide better protection for your teeth.

Composite fillings avoid all the issues associated with silver, mercury amalgam fillings. Composite fillings provide a better seal, defend against hot and cold temperature fluctuations, and they are easy to repair should they wear down over time.

Seasons of Smiles Dental Fillings

We also provide restoration services for patients with silver fillings. If you want old fillings replaced with new composite fillings or if you need a silver filling replaced because of a cracked tooth or if you have a new cavity requiring attention, please contact us by calling (207) 236-4740.