A beautiful teeth that illustrate Contouring and Reshaping

Contouring and Reshaping

Do you have a minor defect in your pearly whites that you would like to erase? Seeing your dentist about tooth reshaping, also called dental contouring, could be the answer.

“Tooth reshaping and dental contouring are cosmetic dentistry procedures that deal with subtle changes to the teeth, says Kimberly Harms, DDS, consumer advisor and spokesperson for the American Dental Association. “But sometimes little changes can make a big difference.

Imperfections or problems like slightly overlapping or irregularly shaped teeth, tiny chips in the teeth, or excessively pointy cuspids, can often be fixed with a little tooth reshaping and dental contouring.

If you are considering veneers or bonding, you might benefit from sculpting the teeth through contouring and reshaping. Compared to other methods, contouring and reshaping is fast, painless, and inexpensive. Contouring and reshaping may be effective in complementing the surrounding crowns, bridges, implants or used in conjunction with veneers and bonding.

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